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16 August 2009 @ 04:39 pm

Wanna be my friend?
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simple as that.

26 December 2006 @ 04:15 pm

Just want to wish everybody a great holiday still, and hope they had a great christmas. I certainly had one.

yesterday, I was just listening to the Justin Timberlake CD I got for christmas, and ordinarily I don't listen to his music, I mean it, i HATED him. But I'm really loving this album for some reason, here Is what I wrote. Its all blurbs really, I just had these thoughts I had to write down.

I started thinking about something we discussed in class. What is good music? What makes some better than other? Who gets to decide that? I've always thought that its(the music) value is in the ears of the listener, like I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  No music is downright bad, just some is maybe made with a little more heart than other.  Everything boils down to opinions really. I mean, I normally don't listen to the radio, but I won't say that's because all of it's bad, just not my taste. And really, what makes some music seemingly better than other? 5 people in a ocean of people gets to decide that? 5 out of 200 million say it's bad, and then its a fact? For me, music is a BIG DEAL. I have my ipod with me EVERYWHERE. And no person can say to me, that what I'm listening to is bad, just because they don't like it. Thats really narrow-minded. 

ok. so that was that.

I started watching the OTH S1 DVDS i got for christmas. tried to find some answers to some of my questions.

I watched "Hanging By A Moment" and noticed some stuff that I hadn't noticed before, and really don't know why I didn't because they're pretty clear.
The scene where Peyton asks Lucas and Brooke to go home, because she's "not feeling well", and the following scene made me think.

You can see Lucas' heart break, when she says "I can't do this". Really. It's a very pwerful scene in my opinion. You see how much Lucas needs to be with her. And I also noticed something in the following scene, where Brooke and Lucas is going down the street after bying some hot chocolate.  she says "you can't control who you love" with keith and karen in mind, while Lucas is thinking about Peyton, it's pretty obvious that he does.  And then she says the famous BL quote "People who are meant to be, always find their way in the end". Lucas smiles, because it gives him hope, about him and Peyton, and Keith and Karen. And it's really wrong that it's being used as a BL quote, when Mark clearly meant it to be otherwise. 

OK i know people have noticed this already, and I'm a retard. LOL. Okay, hope everybody will continue to have a great holiday season.

06 October 2006 @ 03:50 pm

"why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - ernest gaines

we would like to know who really believes in gay rights on livejournal. there is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. if you truly believe in gay rights, then repost this and title the post as "gay rights".

Just taking a stand here. As Debbie said it, Love is Love.

[mood|  Thankful]

hi. Now as the World Cup is in motion I have become obsessed. Obsessed with Brazil lol. Im sooo rooting for them yeah, and even though the croatia game wasn't especially festive I know that they will pick up. And there is , as my title says, a new sheriff in town. His name is Kaká and he is a magnificent player as well as drop-dead gorgeous.!! Therefore, I have a header with him on it.:D 

Today, I got tickets for Brazil's training on Ullevaal in Oslo, near where I love. OK so its not THE Norway-Brazil game but its Brazil's training, which is second best for me as I get to see Kaká and Ronaldinho in action, live! So many think it was so geeky of me to go to a traineng, but I don't care. I get to see Kaká and Ronaldinhio train and do trics and stuff. In my mind that can be as entertaining as a match, and we get to see the players in a more relaxed atmosphere. I am so exited! its on agaust 15th.:D

I have to settle with seeing the match on TV, but im looking forward to the training, plus it hardly costed anything at all.

Ok here comes the really obsessive part haha. As I was skipping through my moms brand new adidas catalogue, I came a cross the AC Milan jersey, really cheap. And I was like, Kaká plays there! and AC Milan is an exellent team, making it second in the Serie A in italy, plus the colours are really cool so I want on and bought it. HAHA. 

So my sister is in Argentina, she's been all around in South-America, so she's bought Italy and Argentina gear to herself, and a Brazil jersey for me, squeee! so then im all set for the training!:D She has also bought some really cool converse shoes so im exited for her to return home, next wednesday.

an at last. a small picture spam and an icon spam of my new hubby- Kaká


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hi. Its been a while.

You see the lyrics above? Theyre from the new Keane album, Under The Iron Sea which was released today. And which I bought. 

here is my review of the bands second album...

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New layout!:D  isleymoiisleymoiisleymoiisleymoiisleymoi

aww I hope this weather clears up. Im gonna party on the beach tomorrow so it better clear up!

As my title says, Rob and Mark! Do as I say!

remember I said something about deleting friends? Ok here goes, If you haven't commented on this post in 3 days and said that you would like to remain my friend and you have a good reason, I WILL DELETE YOU.
teh names:

I am so sorry to do this, hopefully we'll come to an agreement and I'll re-add.

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21 April 2006 @ 11:02 pm
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Hey! Im super happy since my midterms are done and I finished a batch of icons a few minutes ago.  They turned out fine, I think but I still need more practice to reach up to the elite. I still want to get in to good_othicons because its the only elite ikon making community Ive replied on and haven't got in. yet at least. When I applied on good_movieicons I was so bummed because one of the mods had seen on the wrong user and thought it was me, at first she said Yes then she said no. Which wass really annoying. It wasn't that i didn't get it, just that i built up my expectations just to be let down. 

But Elite icon communities suck really. even though they clame not to know or be better than others it is still much that way. And people like different styles so it is had sometimes when one of the mods dislike your style when you are in love with it...

anyway.. here are some VM and OTH. icons..

I have a lot of new icons. Gilmore Girls,OTH (quotes) and LOST especially. but also Hilarie Burton - One of my girl crushes.

04 March 2006 @ 01:21 pm
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